Quality & Condition

We do not underestimate how important your Lego is to you. If you have concerns with our service please let us know via the messaging system here at Brick Owl.  We usually respond within 12 hours but not more than a day.  It is not in our interest to negatively impact our honest & genuine customers.
On occasion your order may include one or two additional items. This is not an error and while we respect the honesty, there is absolutely no need to inform us.  Quite often, we do not include in our inventory the extra pieces Lego put into the sets we part out.  When available, we like to pass these little parts on to our customers.

Parts and Minifigures we sell are given the following conditions, but please enquire if you need additional details about an item.

Description: NEW:

  • Stock from a LEGO store Pick-A-Brick wall, (quality inspected),  never used
  • Parts or Extras from a new LEGO boxed set, never used, that we are parting out. (Most likely).


Description: USED (Like New)

  • Parts that may have been used for a one-time build and subsequently parted out. They will look and feel almost new but may show signs of connecting and dismantling.
  • The over-all quality is very close to NEW. (May include some PAB items).


Description: USED (Good)

  • Parts from assembled kits that have been disassembled and parted out
  • Parts from other/bulk purchases
  • Any parts that we aren't sure of the source. It might have been new, but if we aren't certain, we will side with caution and call it 'Used'
  • Expect some wear or scratches, maybe a small nick or dent and possibly some discoloration. We wash/disinfect all used pieces.


Description: USED (Acceptable)

  • These are usually old, hard to find pieces that we find among bulk buys.
  • They will have been used many times and not necessarily well stored.
  • These parts will show obvious signs of wear, scratches, dents, small/minor chips and possible discolouration but they will still function normally.
  • Any brick, piece or plate that does not sit well when connected or does not properly function will not make it into any condition category. Such parts are put aside for recycling.



  • Minifigures we sell have never been assembled unless stated otherwise
  • If you prefer, we will build your minifig prior to shipping.  Please let us know
  • All the minifigs we sell are official, genuine Lego products – NO EXCEPTION!


In All Cases:

  • Shiny pieces of ABS can be quite static and will attract dust.  We take every effort to avoid this but have yet to find a fool-proof solution that would not add considerable costs to our little business and the parts we sell
  • We make sure that any person handling our Lego thoroughly washes their hands with an antibacterial soap prior to parting out and before they proceed with orders.
  • We are a smoke free oporation.
  • Remember - New does NOT mean Mint.  Even pieces in brand new LEGO sets can get scratches or dings as they bump/grind against the other new pieces in the bag.



Some parts are available in several variations. Currently, we do not differentiate these parts. If it is important for you to know the exact details of a part you are considering, please feel free to enquire. We will get back to you as soon as possible with full details.

For example: Part 3839b looks similar to, but is not exactly the same as, Part 3839a. In this instance, 'b' has lower set bars and 'a' has mid set bars.

We like to enjoy a good relationship with our customers and fully appreciate the feedback system. We encourage you to use it, but should you have a negative experience (mistakes do occur) please contact us so that we can assess and rectify problems and the rare disappointment. Thank you!


Your cooperation is always appreciated.

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2017