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About Us

Hello and welcome to Fitbricks!

We love Lego!

If you're an adult fan of Lego or you have children who are keen Master Builders, then Fitbricks is definitely worth checking out for those much needed lost pieces or additional parts and bricks for their own imaginative creations.

Initially this was a father & son oporation but keeping an 8 year old interested in selling Lego (as oposed to collecting Lego) has proved difficult to maintain.  So 99% of the time, it's just me (Wayne) doing all the graft.  Hence the 1-3 day processing, but please (see feedback), I really do try to get orders picked and shipped ASAP.  It's all relative to order sizes and how many I receive each day but it's not in my interest to delay your project.

My aim is to provide AFOL's and parents of budding Master Builders a professional and trusted place from which to purchase their sought after bricks, parts and pieces.

It's still early days for me, so our inventory may seem limited but don't let that put you off having a quick browse. Stock levels will grow at a pace that's suited to my customer base.  Currently, almost every purchase leads to investment in new stock.

Feel free to search our inventory.  You can add all you need to the basket and save it for later - even edit quantities and items at your leisure to suit your budget - all the while you remain under no obligation to pay until you're happy to finalise.

Quality & Condition information is available here: http://fitbricks.brickowl.com/page/qualitycondition
Our shipping details can be found here: http://fitbricks.brickowl.com/page/shipping

Thank you for your visit and have fun shopping & building!


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Last Updated: 4 Jan 2018