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    Posted on 15 Feb 2018 19:45

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    Posted on 13 Mar 2017 23:42

    Tactical Recon Aircraft Support.


    Finally, I have physically built this MOC.

    It was not an easy ride, mainly because what appears to work well in LDD does not always translate effectively to a real world build.  Interestingly, most of my frustrations with LDD are based around the fact that it won't do what the real world will do.  On this occasion the opposite was apparent.  There's also the addition of stability issues.  While experience will help during design, it's not really until application that you find out how utterly fragile connections can be.  I still have work to do here on this model, but for now I'm temporarily willing to accept things as they are.  I have tried plenty of options to improve stability but avoided going beyond a major re-design or dismantle and re-start option.
    My 7 year old has played with it for a bit and it stayed together, so for now I'm happy.  I do know where a change needs to be made but I'll have to re-design from early stages.  It can wait.

    So what are the main changes – how does it differ from the original LDD MOC images?

    *Colour is the obvious change.  It was apparent at design stage that not all the parts used are available in the chosen colours.
    The colour scheme chosen for the physical model was wholly dictated by availability.  There were only 2 – 3 possibilities and combinations and I’m very happy with the way it turned out.  I feel a kind of vindication in regards to some of the choices I made because I had to do something I hate to do.  I had to raid my store.  Several times!

    *A couple of pieces I couldn’t find, though I know I have them.  Only 2, but after finding one with ease, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack for the other.  It remains elusive and I care not because it forced me to imagine alternatives and it’s that kind of forced creativity that makes Lego so... Awesome!  There is almost always another way.

    *The sections encompassing the back end (just behind the cockpit) and the rear wings were extremely fragile.  Other than the wings I knew it would become stronger as the build progressed but I got fed up with a section that would fall off time & time again.  I changed the whole run – left and right of the cockpit – to add more connection points to the rear wings.  It is still not perfect.
    I swapped out the brick behind the cockpit for a plate option that included some right angled pieces.  There was a design flaw here, which is now corrected.

    *Added two rocket boosters.  This was done at the design (LDD) stage but not immediately.  Makes it look faster.

    *Some changes to the underside to make things a little more stable aswell as for aesthetic purposes.

    *The back end (with the pipes) has had a little remix.  The original version didn’t work at all.  The pins proved to be too short.

    *The cockpit windshield should be clear but the only one I have is the printed one from the Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155).  I think it looks pretty cool!


    Thanks to for always having a great selection of bricks & pieces.
    Original LDD images here:
    New Physical Images here:

    Original Blog

    I haven't physically built this MOC as of yet. While I acquired a few more of the parts today (the ones not in my son's personal inventory), there are still two more pieces - one item - I need 2 of. Maybe another part but I've yet to properly check. 2 x LEGO Dark Stone Gray Bar 1 x 8 with Curved Brick 1 x 2 (Axle Holder in Small End)(30359). Possibly 1 x LEGO Medium Stone Gray Spool Ø 15,83 X 7,99 (61510). I'm fairly confident that this build will look just as good in reality as it does in the LDD image above. However, I doubt I'll be able to replicate the colour scheme which is a shame. I have tried other colour options but it doesn't quite look as cool. You may wonder as to why I'm gushing about this build? Simple really. I just love the design. It's shape is somewhat unconventional - or at least - the way it was achieved is unconventional. I won't know how sturdy it is until it becomes a real thing. That means the design may have to change slightly. I would offer up the instructions but LDD hasn't quite produced them in a logical manner. In my experience, it (LDD) rarely does. I will update at some point when I've gotten round to finishing the physical model.


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